10 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Cheap

The label of being unsophisticated is frequently linked not just to people’s backgrounds but also to their appearance. And as they say, the devil is in the details. Even a meticulously planned look can be ruined by a minor detail, such as a misplaced hairpin or a poorly executed ponytail.

Dijbi discovered which hairstyles to steer clear of in order to achieve a stylish and chic appearance.

1. Braids

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If you’re 12 or older, traditional braids might seem out of step; they can give off a childish and immature vibe. If you’re set on having braids, consider opting for an alternative style like a French braid, a fishtail braid, a sleek ponytail braid, or a waterfall braid.

2. A ponytail with a fabric hair tie

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Hair scrunchies are often considered a telltale sign of cheap-looking women in movies. A youthful face, long hair, and a colorful scrunchie—sound familiar? Dina Scherer, owner of Modnitsa Styling, an NYC-based image and wardrobe stylist agency, advises caution with these accessories. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex And The City famously quipped, “the only place women should ever wear a scrunchie is in the bathroom, maybe.”

Instead, opt for a thin hair tie that matches your hair color. If it’s too bright and noticeable, wrap a thin section of hair around the base of your ponytail to conceal the elastic.

3. Donut bun

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When the donut bun initially emerged, it swiftly became a popular trend, but it fell out of fashion just as quickly. A bun positioned at the top of your head appears overly sleek and symmetrical, and if your hair is thick and long, it might give the impression of a second head rather than a simple bun. Instead, opt for a loose, natural bun.

4. Wearing a claw hair clip

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A hair clip can be incredibly useful for gathering up messy hair before a shower or during cleaning tasks. However, even for simple activities like going shopping, opt for something more elegant and stylish.

5. Curly hair + bangs

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You might still spot this combination at proms, work parties, and family gatherings, but this hairstyle often gives the impression of being two different hairstyles merged together. If you’re keen on having bangs, styling your hair in waves could serve as a great alternative to curly hair.

6. Wet-hair look

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This hair trend is truly outdated. You can achieve a lightly styled hair with a wet-hair effect, but it’s important to be cautious with styling products. Using too much gel can make your hair appear greasy. Clearly, this hairstyle is entirely inappropriate for the office.

7. Slicked-back ponytail

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There are two types of ponytails that consistently exude style: high and low ones. Any other variation may give off a cheap appearance and create the impression of sleek, greasy, or even thin hair.

If you struggle with or prefer not to go for a sky-high style, opt for a low ponytail instead. You can even fashion a messy bun for a relaxed and feminine vibe. Remember to tousle the hair at the crown of your head to enhance volume and elevate your overall look.

8. Invisible hairpins

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Hairpins serve the primary purpose of securing flyaway hair in an almost invisible manner. Experts suggest two different approaches:

  1. Match hairpins to your hair color and discreetly conceal them within your hair.
  2. Opt for bright, stylish hairpins and use them as a prominent accessory (but avoid overdoing it; less is more).

9. Using too much styling product

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Tightly styled, voluminous curls that withstand any weather can give off a cheap appearance. This hairstyle may convey that you’ve exerted considerable effort to impress others, suggesting over-styling. Stylists recommend opting for more natural hairstyles—ones where your efforts aren’t overtly noticeable.

10. Acidic ombré with a visible edge

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The art of ombré hair involves a subtle transition from one hair color to another, typically achieved using multiple shades of intermediate colors. However, a noticeable edge can occur if:

  • You attempted to dye your hair yourself.
  • A friend dyed your hair (perhaps for the first time, out of curiosity).
  • The hairstylist at your salon lacked sufficient experience.

Always review a hairstylist’s portfolio and avoid attempting ombré at home.

As for other hairstyles, experimenting with balayage, highlights, or subtle color gradients can provide a more natural and professionally executed look.

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