11 Pictures That Show How Tough It Is to Keep Up With Beauty Standards Today

Throughout history, beauty standards have played a big role in society. They’ve changed a lot over time, showing what people value and expect in different cultures. From the fancy makeup of the past to today’s desire for tan and fit bodies, beauty ideals always seem to be changing. But one thing that stays the same is the idea that beauty often involves pain.

The saying “beauty is pain” has been around for ages. It’s a belief that’s passed down through generations. Women, especially, know this well. They often go through uncomfortable grooming rituals like waxing, plucking, and threading to fit society’s beauty standards. Even though these practices can be painful, many see them as a symbol of dedication to looking a certain way.

1. For beauty’s sake, we’re willing to endure some pain.

A good example of this is the heat from a UV light during a manicure. This step is important for making gel nail polish last longer and look great. While feeling warmth or heat on your fingertips might be a bit uncomfortable, it’s a small thing to deal with for the shiny finish you get afterward.

The beauty industry knows that people are okay with enduring some discomfort to look better. It shows how much we want to improve our appearance and what we’re willing to do for it. This makes us think about how beauty, pain, and expressing ourselves are all connected, and how society affects the choices we make about them.

2. Besides, you never know what the next visit to the hairdresser will bring.

This unpredictability can be both exciting and a bit scary. It’s a chance to change your look, refresh your appearance, or even completely reinvent yourself. Your hairstylist becomes your partner in this journey, and their talent and creativity can lead to surprisingly wonderful results. A haircut can boost your confidence, lift your mood, and make you feel like a whole new person.

But there’s also the chance that a haircut might not turn out exactly as you hoped. It’s a risk we take when we trust someone else with our hair. Yet, even when things don’t go as planned, there’s a lesson in being flexible and welcoming change. After all, hair grows back, and a less-than-perfect haircut can often become a funny story and a reminder that beauty can be found in imperfections.

3. Some garments can become our worst enemies.

Sometimes, the very clothes we choose to showcase our style and uniqueness can ironically become a source of frustration. These garments might have initially grabbed our attention with their appeal, but as time goes on, their discomfort or impracticality becomes hard to ignore.

A classic example of this dilemma is a pair of high heels. While they can add height and sophistication to our look, they can also become painful contraptions for our feet. The discomfort and pain that often come with wearing high heels for a day can make us wonder if the beauty they bring is worth the physical strain.

4. Others can make us look totally different.

The power of a push-up bra to transform is undeniable. By simply adding this undergarment, our entire shape can change remarkably. What were once subtle curves can become more pronounced, giving our appearance a whole new dimension. With its clever padding and design, a push-up bra can lift and enhance our bustline, boosting our confidence and allowing us to embrace a different side of our self-image. It’s a subtle yet powerful tool that highlights the versatility of fashion and shows how even small changes can affect how we see ourselves and how we present ourselves to the world.

5. Nothing’s harder than choosing nail polish.

Choosing nail polish might seem like a simple task, but it can actually be quite challenging. The nail polish aisle offers a wide range of colors, finishes, and brands, which can be overwhelming. What appears to be a trivial decision can turn into a significant dilemma as we try to find the perfect shade for our nails.

The first challenge is the sheer variety of colors available. From bold reds and soft pinks to vibrant blues and shiny metallics, the options seem endless. Each color has its own vibe and can express different moods and styles. There’s pressure to pick a color that matches our outfit, complements our skin tone, or fits the season, making the decision even more complex.

Brand preference is another factor. Some people stick to their favorite nail polish brands, praising their durability, easy application, and wide range of colors. Others enjoy trying out new brands, but it can be a bit nerve-wracking as they venture into unfamiliar territory.

6. And thinking that you’ll settle for the simplest nail art at the manicurist is probably a mistake.

Opting for simple nail art at the salon might underestimate the vast and creative world of nail design. While simplicity can be charming, today’s nail salons offer a wide range of options that can turn your nails into attention-grabbing masterpieces. Exploring the intricate realm of nail art can be an enjoyable journey.

Nail artists have mastered their craft, allowing them to create intricate and unique designs that reflect your personality, style, or current mood. From chic and minimalist patterns to bold and avant-garde creations, the options are nearly endless. Your nails become a blank canvas where your imagination and the manicurist’s expertise come together to craft stunning works of art.

7. Humid days can change the way we see ourselves.

Humid days have a unique impact on our appearance, something many of us are familiar with. When the air is thick with moisture, our hair and skin often suffer the consequences. The effects of humidity don’t discriminate; they can change how we look and feel, no matter our hair or skin type.

Hair, especially, takes a hit in humid conditions. Straight hair might suddenly become wavy or frizzy as moisture gets into each strand. Curly hair can become even more voluminous and unruly. Dealing with these humidity-induced changes often means using a variety of styling products and techniques to control the mane.

8. However, we sometimes pay too much for a new look that’s not worth it.

In the beauty world, we often eagerly splurge on new makeup looks, sometimes spending as much as $100 or more, hoping for a transformative result. We invest in high-end products and professional services, expecting a stunning outcome.

But reality doesn’t always match our expectations. Despite the high price, not every makeup experience delivers the desired results. Factors like individual skin types, tones, and the skill of the makeup artist play a big role. What looks flawless on someone else or in a magazine might not work the same way for us.

In these situations, it’s important to remember that beauty is subjective and personal. A makeup look that falls short doesn’t diminish our natural beauty or self-worth. It’s a chance to learn and refine our preferences, helping us make better choices in the future.

9. Some others, the “makeover” has an early expiration date.

Semi-permanent brow tinting can give you lovely brows, but it’s not a forever fix. The tint usually lasts a few weeks, though this can vary based on your skin type and skincare routine. Over time, the tint fades, and your brows go back to how they were naturally.

The temporary nature of semi-permanent brow tints has its pros and cons. On the bright side, it gives you flexibility. If you like trying out different brow looks and colors or aren’t ready for a permanent change, it’s perfect.

But keep in mind, you’ll need to do some upkeep to maintain your desired brow look. Regular touch-ups are necessary to keep the tint fresh and your brows looking their best.

10. The most painful thing is that many of these beauty treatments can be so expensive.

For many people, the high cost of beauty treatments is a major deterrent. Pursuing beauty can be expensive, with treatments and products often requiring a significant financial commitment. From luxury skincare routines to indulgent spa visits, the expense of these beauty rituals can be frustrating.

Sometimes, the cost of beauty treatments forces individuals to make tough decisions about where to spend their money. Balancing the desire to improve one’s appearance and self-confidence with budget constraints can leave people feeling torn between investing in self-care and meeting other financial needs.

11. But what matters is that, in the end, only we decide how far we’re willing to take it.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that the decisions we make are entirely our own. Although external influences like societal norms, trends, and peer pressure may sway us, the ultimate authority lies within ourselves. We possess the autonomy to define the extent to which we pursue beauty.

Every individual’s beauty journey is deeply personal and distinctive. Some may embrace a minimalist approach, preferring simplicity and natural beauty. Others may immerse themselves in elaborate beauty rituals, exploring various treatments, cosmetics, and trends. What’s beautiful about it all is that there’s no universal path, and our choices reflect our unique desires and values.

Above all, what truly matters is our comfort and the authenticity of our choices. It’s crucial to make decisions that resonate with our self-image, making us feel confident and empowered. Whether we opt for extensive beauty treatments or a more subdued routine, it’s our prerogative to set our own beauty standards.

Ultimately, our beauty journey should be guided by self-expression and self-care. We have the agency to decide how far we want to go, always prioritizing what brings us joy, comfort, and authenticity.