9 Celebrities Whose Bodies Are Considered Close to Ideal According to Science

Throughout history, the golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, has captivated the imaginations of artists, architects, and mathematicians alike. Its enigmatic presence in both the natural world and artistic creations only adds to its allure. When applied to the human form, this ratio highlights specific proportions that are traditionally deemed aesthetically pleasing. However, while this mathematical concept may suggest ideal bodily proportions, what truly resonates with us are the narratives, characters, and achievements of the individuals who embody these proportions.

9. Salma Hayek — 88%

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Salma Hayek’s beauty is akin to a captivating symphony composed of various enchanting elements harmonizing effortlessly, crafting a timeless allure that never diminishes. Her distinctive features, such as her mesmerizing gaze and graceful smile, exude both sophistication and vitality. Yet, her beauty transcends mere outward appearance, resonating from a deep well of unwavering confidence.

This confidence radiates, enhancing her external allure and rendering her a captivating figure in the realm of beauty. Whether gracing the screen or attending public gatherings, Salma Hayek’s beauty epitomizes a seamless fusion of individuality, magnetic charisma, and enduring grace, enchanting hearts across the globe.

8. Elle Macpherson — 88.3%

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Elle Macpherson is renowned for her timeless beauty and remarkable physique. With her radiant complexion, piercing blue eyes, and iconic blond locks, she epitomizes elegance. However, her beauty transcends surface appearances. Macpherson’s commitment to health and fitness is integral to maintaining her enviable figure. As a successful model and entrepreneur, she inspires others by advocating for a holistic approach to beauty, underscoring the importance of nurturing both inner and outer well-being.

7. Cameron Diaz — 91%

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Cameron Diaz exudes a vibrant and authentic beauty that resonates deeply with people. Her infectious smile, lively eyes, and stunning blonde locks are unmistakably captivating. Yet, it’s not merely her physical appearance that captivates; Diaz’s confidence and down-to-earth demeanor further enhance her charm. As a celebrated actress and advocate for body positivity, she inspires others to embrace their unique qualities. Diaz’s beauty goes beyond surface aesthetics; it radiates authenticity and self-assurance, serving as a genuine source of inspiration and motivation for many.

6. Katy Perry — 92%

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Katy Perry embodies a beauty that celebrates authenticity without reservation. Her distinctive style showcases a fearless creativity, with hair colors ranging from bold blue to striking purple. Her expressive eyes convey a spectrum of emotions, while her radiant smile illuminates any room, capturing attention effortlessly. Perry’s allure stems from her willingness to experiment with different looks while remaining true to herself.

An advocate for body positivity, she boldly challenges unrealistic beauty standards. Perry’s beauty transcends mere appearance; it’s rooted in the confidence she radiates, the empowering messages she champions, and the boundless creativity that sets her apart in a world that values genuineness.

5. Kelly Brook — 92.9%

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Kelly Brook personifies a beauty that defies stereotypes. Her curvaceous physique and self-assured presence challenge narrow beauty standards, encouraging others to embrace their uniqueness wholeheartedly. With her flowing brunette locks and timeless allure, she emanates elegance effortlessly. Brook’s embrace of her natural curves serves as a powerful example for others to follow suit.

Her beauty transcends mere appearances; it radiates authenticity. In a world fixated on perfection, she shines with genuine warmth and charisma, proving that true beauty lies in being oneself and exuding confidence.

4. Marilyn Monroe — 94%

F4PHPE Marilyn Monroe / 1953 Californie, USA

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Marilyn Monroe remains an enduring icon of beauty that spans generations. Her iconic platinum blonde hair and glamorous red lips symbolize the timeless allure of old Hollywood. Yet, Monroe’s beauty transcends mere appearance; it’s her confidence and vulnerability that truly captivated audiences.

Her voluptuous figure challenged the beauty norms of her era, reshaping perceptions of femininity. Monroe’s beauty embodies empowerment and the unabashed embrace of sensuality. In a world where trends ebb and flow, her legacy serves as a poignant reminder that true beauty lies in embracing one’s authentic self, exuding self-assurance, and possessing a timeless charisma that endures through the ages.

3. Helen Mirren — 95.6%

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Helen Mirren epitomizes a beauty that transcends age and societal expectations. Her silver hair, elegantly framing her poised demeanor, reflects her embrace of the passage of time. With eyes that gleam with wisdom and a warm smile that speaks of a life well-lived, Mirren’s beauty emanates from within. She challenges conventional norms by demonstrating that beauty knows no age limit; it flourishes with maturity.

Mirren’s authenticity and refusal to conform to narrow beauty standards redefine the notion of beauty. Beyond her striking appearance, her inner strength and intelligence radiate through her presence. Mirren’s beauty serves as a symbol of confidence, embracing life’s journey, and a reminder that true allure is a unique expression of individuality that evolves gracefully over time.

2. Kim Kardashian — 96.3%

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Kim Kardashian embodies a modern standard of beauty that has left an indelible mark on popular culture. Her flawless makeup, distinct features, and sculpted physique have redefined beauty and fashion norms. With mesmerizing eyes that convey both vulnerability and strength, paired with her iconic dark hair, Kardashian’s allure lies in her ability to continually reinvent herself while remaining authentically true to her essence. She has revolutionized perceptions of body shapes, boldly embracing her curves and celebrating her individuality.

Kardashian’s beauty ethos revolves around owning one’s power, fearlessly pushing boundaries, and pioneering trends that resonate with millions. Beyond her physical appearance, her entrepreneurial spirit and influence demonstrate that beauty can lead to success. Whether through her makeup endeavors or self-expression, Kardashian’s beauty narrative is a testament to boldness, individuality, and a pioneering spirit that has reshaped the modern concept of allure.

1. Scarlett Johansson — 96.4%

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Scarlett Johansson embodies a timeless beauty that transcends eras. Her distinctive husky voice and captivating gaze exude an irresistible charm that endures over time. Framed by her blonde locks, her face effortlessly transitions between innocence and strength, showcasing a beauty that defies easy categorization.

Yet, Johansson’s allure extends beyond her physical appearance. Through her diverse roles in film and her advocacy work, she demonstrates intelligence and compassion, reshaping perceptions of what it means to be a modern woman. By embracing her identity and advocating for gender equality, she has become a symbol of empowerment.

Johansson’s beauty is not confined to surface aesthetics; it is a multifaceted blend of versatility, depth, and empowerment that continues to redefine beauty standards and inspire respect.

As for the survey ranking the 20 most beautiful women of all time, Marilyn Monroe claimed the 3rd spot, while Grace Kelly secured the 2nd position. The top spot remains a mystery, enticing readers to delve into the article to discover the winner.

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