AITA for borrowing my husbands underwear?

In this situation, a pregnant woman (28F) sought comfort from her husband’s (29M) underwear due to her own becoming uncomfortable as her pregnancy progressed. Struggling with tightness and rashes from her own underwear, she found relief in wearing her husband’s boxers, which were loose and alleviated her discomfort. Upon discovering this, her husband initially allowed her to continue borrowing them until the end of her pregnancy or until her rash subsided.

However, a misunderstanding arose when the husband later realized she had worn his preferred bamboo underwear, which he valued for their comfort and quality. This led to an argument where he expressed frustration and insisted that she stop borrowing his underwear altogether. Despite her offer to avoid wearing the specific bamboo pairs, he maintained his stance, insisting she purchase her own larger underwear instead.

The woman, unsure if the issue was truly about the specific pair or a general discomfort with her borrowing his underwear, sought opinions on whether she was being unreasonable in expecting continued access to his garments. Eventually, after considering various perspectives, she and her husband decided to purchase maternity underwear for her, ensuring comfort for the remainder of her pregnancy and beyond.

In conclusion, while the initial borrowing of her husband’s underwear was out of necessity and with his consent, a conflict arose over a misunderstanding regarding a specific pair. The resolution involved both parties acknowledging the discomfort caused and opting for a practical solution that respected both their needs and preferences.

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