“AITA for getting frustrated with my girlfriend’s messages after my Dad just died?”

In this situation, the person is clearly dealing with an overwhelming amount of emotional and practical challenges following the recent death of their father. They are shouldering the responsibility of organizing funeral arrangements, dealing with work deadlines, and coping with personal health issues. Despite all this, their girlfriend, who is traveling in Europe, continues to message about trivial matters like jewelry preferences.

Initially, the person tries to explain that discussing jewelry seems trivial and inappropriate given the circumstances of their father’s passing. When the girlfriend persists, they express their frustration, explaining that they are not in the right frame of mind to discuss such things. The girlfriend eventually apologizes, but then revisits the issue the next day, suggesting they shouldn’t talk if they can’t resolve their issues over text.

From the person’s perspective, they feel hurt and unsupported by their girlfriend’s lack of sensitivity to their current struggles. They believe their girlfriend’s priorities are misplaced, focusing on minor issues while they are dealing with significant grief and stress. The person acknowledges that they may have been abrupt in their response but feels justified given the circumstances.

In summary, while the person may have been somewhat curt in their response, considering the immense emotional and practical burdens they are carrying, they are not the asshole in this situation. Their girlfriend’s insistence on discussing trivial matters like jewelry at such a sensitive time appears insensitive and out of touch with the person’s needs. The person’s frustration is understandable, given the context of their overwhelming situation.

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