‘AITA for insulting my mother’s friend in front of everyone?’

Based on the situation described, it seems clear that OP (16F) is not the asshole (NTA) in this scenario. Throughout the holiday, Rita (46F), the mother’s best friend, made consistent and hurtful comments about OP’s eating habits and body, despite OP being slimmer than Rita. These remarks culminated in a heated argument where OP finally stood up for herself after enduring years of criticism from Rita.

Rita’s comments were unsolicited and disrespectful, crossing personal boundaries repeatedly. OP’s response, while admittedly harsh, was a direct reaction to Rita’s ongoing criticism and was fueled by pent-up frustration. Even though OP’s comment about looking better than Rita was confrontational, it was a reaction to Rita’s body-shaming and not entirely unwarranted given the circumstances.

OP’s mother, despite witnessing Rita’s behavior, failed to intervene and defend her daughter, which understandably caused further distress to OP. The fact that OP’s father also found Rita’s behavior and the mother’s inaction unacceptable highlights the consensus that OP was mistreated.

In conclusion, while OP might regret some of the harsh words used in the heat of the moment, she was justified in standing up against Rita’s persistent body-shaming and criticism. Rita’s behavior was inappropriate and hurtful, and OP should not be blamed for defending herself after enduring such treatment for years.

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