“AITA for ‘making’ my sister’s husband attracted to me?”

In this complex family dynamic, a 29-year-old woman finds herself at odds with her sister and her sister’s husband due to misunderstandings surrounding her pregnancy as a surrogate. She volunteered to carry her sister’s child using her own egg and the husband’s sperm, but tensions arose during the pregnancy.

The situation escalated during a recent family event when the sister’s husband began making inappropriate compliments and advances towards her. Uncomfortable with this behavior, she promptly informed her sister, hoping for support. However, instead of understanding, her sister accused her of intentionally enticing her husband, citing her behavior and demeanor as contributing factors.

Despite explaining that her intention was to maintain a cordial relationship and avoid conflict during the pregnancy, her sister remained unconvinced. This led to her being ostracized not only by her sister but also by their mutual friends, who sided with the sister’s perspective. The woman now finds herself labeled negatively and isolated within her own family circle.

In seeking advice, she wonders if she is at fault for inadvertently causing her sister’s husband to develop feelings for her. She questions whether her attempts to be amicable and supportive during the pregnancy have been misunderstood and misconstrued as flirtatious behavior.

This situation raises complex ethical and emotional dilemmas, highlighting the challenges and potential pitfalls of familial relationships, particularly when boundaries become blurred in delicate situations such as surrogacy. The woman seeks clarity and resolution, grappling with feelings of guilt and betrayal despite her best intentions to assist her sister in becoming a mother.

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