“AITA for not allowing treats to be brought in by my Ex-Partner for our son unless there are treats for my daughter too?”

In this scenario, the single mother (34F) finds herself in a dilemma regarding her ex-partner (37M) and their two children, a daughter (10F) and a son (6M). The issue arises when the ex-partner consistently brings treats exclusively for their son during visits, leaving the daughter feeling neglected. Despite attempts to address the matter with her ex-partner, the situation remains unresolved.

The mother’s stance is that it’s unfair for her daughter to witness her brother receiving special treats while she’s left out. She acknowledges that her ex-partner isn’t obligated to spend money on her daughter, but she insists on equal treatment during visits to avoid her feeling ignored. She proposes a solution where her ex-partner informs her of the treats in advance so she can provide the same for her daughter, even if it means sending him money for it.

On the other hand, the ex-partner dismisses her concerns as unreasonable, arguing that treating the daughter equally isn’t necessary and might even harm their son. He sees no issue with only providing treats for their son and believes the mother should take care of providing treats for their daughter if she desires.

The mother’s perspective emphasizes fairness and inclusivity for her daughter, while the ex-partner’s perspective centers more on practicality and parental autonomy. The disagreement highlights differing views on parental responsibilities and the emotional impact on the children involved.

Overall, whether the mother is deemed the “Asshole” (AH) in this situation depends on individual perspectives. Some may support her efforts to ensure fairness and emotional well-being for both children, while others may view her expectations as excessive or unrealistic.

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