“AITA for not returning money my ex-husband sent to me mistakenly?”

In the scenario described, a woman’s ex-husband mistakenly transferred two substantial payments to her bank account, totaling $17,975. She had been asleep after completing a double shift as a nurse, and her phone was not accessible due to charging. Upon waking up, she discovered numerous missed calls and texts from her ex-husband desperately requesting the return of the funds.

Recalling that her ex-husband owed her $12,000 from a loan she had extended four years ago, which he had not repaid despite multiple promises, she decided to deduct this amount from the mistakenly transferred sum. She returned $5,975 to him, explaining the deduction as repayment of his debt to her. This decision led to significant repercussions: her ex-husband’s plans for an engagement surprise were ruined, causing his girlfriend to criticize and badmouth her. As a result, the woman had to take measures like shutting down her social media accounts due to the ensuing drama.

The woman discussed her actions with colleagues, which resulted in mixed opinions. While some understood her reasoning, others labeled her actions as unkind and questioned whether she was being unfair. Despite being criticized, she justified her decision by highlighting the long-standing debt her ex-husband owed her and the fact that legal avenues were available for him to dispute her actions, though unlikely due to the costs involved.

In summary, the woman’s decision not to return the full mistakenly transferred amount, citing an outstanding debt owed to her, has sparked controversy and debate among those familiar with the situation. Her actions have inadvertently complicated her relationship with her ex-husband and his circle, leading to personal and social repercussions.

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