AITA for paying for my son’s wedding?

In a family dilemma over financial support for weddings, tensions have arisen between a father and his sons. The conflict centers around the father’s decision to financially support one son’s wedding while not contributing to the weddings of his other son and his son’s ex-wife. The father, feeling justified in his actions, explained that he did not approve of his older son’s previous wife and therefore did not financially support their wedding.

The issue came to a head when the father offered to pay for half of his younger son’s dream wedding after hearing that the couple couldn’t afford both their ideal wedding and honeymoon. When confronted by his older son about this apparent favoritism, the father defended his actions by pointing out his disapproval of his older son’s previous wife and arguing that he had also not funded his older son’s first wedding.

Despite the father’s attempts to justify his decisions as fair, his older son vehemently disagreed, accusing him of favoritism and expressing his hurt feelings over the perceived unequal treatment. The heated exchange culminated in the older son labeling his father as an asshole before storming out.

This familial conflict highlights deeper issues of approval, favoritism, and financial support within the family dynamics, leaving unresolved tensions that may take time and effort to mend.

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