‘AITA for refusing to accommodate my stepdaughters new diet?’

In the scenario presented, a 25-year-old stepmother is grappling with accommodating her stepdaughter’s new vegan diet in a household already constrained by various dietary restrictions. The stepmother has two young children, one of whom has sensory issues likely related to autism, and her husband has dairy and gluten intolerances, as well as specific food aversions. Despite efforts to adapt, including seeking advice and trying vegan options, the stepmother finds it challenging to meet everyone’s dietary needs without significant disruption and cost.

She has communicated to her stepdaughter that while she can provide vegan meals a couple of times a week or offer to cook together, preparing separate meals daily is not feasible due to time constraints and financial considerations. This decision has led to tensions within the family, with her husband suggesting she’s not trying hard enough and making custody arrangements more difficult, and her stepdaughter responding with the silent treatment.

The stepmother acknowledges her husband’s ability to cook but notes his meals often don’t appeal to everyone. She also describes her approach to dealing with foods she doesn’t prefer, opting to eat the parts of meals that are acceptable to her.

From an outsider’s perspective, it appears the stepmother has made reasonable efforts to accommodate her stepdaughter’s vegan diet within the context of existing family dietary restrictions and practical constraints. The challenge of managing multiple dietary needs in a blended family setting is complex, and her concerns about time, cost, and the need for consistency are valid. However, communication and compromise remain crucial to finding a solution that respects everyone’s needs and preferences. The stepmother’s willingness to engage with her stepdaughter and explore alternatives, despite the current difficulties, suggests she is approaching the situation with empathy and practicality. Therefore, based on the information provided, it does not seem fair to label her as the “Asshole” in this situation.

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