“AITA for reporting my tinder date to the FBI?”

In this scenario, the person is genuinely concerned about the alarming behavior exhibited by their Tinder date, who works at a nuclear power plant. The date arrived late, displayed a disturbing attitude, and made unsettling comments about having power over others and causing chaos and destruction, including boasting about knowing how to trigger a reactor core meltdown.

After ending the date early and reflecting on the situation, the person decides to report their date to the FBI out of concern for public safety. They weigh the possibility of their date’s comments being a sick attempt to impress them versus the potential danger they could pose if serious.

While some friends support their decision, others question whether they overreacted, suggesting that the date might have been joking. Despite this, the person is troubled by the possibility of having ruined their date’s career over what could have been a bad joke.

Ultimately, the person’s decision to report their date to the FBI reflects their genuine concern for public safety and the potential seriousness of the situation. Whether or not they overreacted depends on the context of their date’s comments and the sincerity behind them, which may only become clear through further investigation by authorities.

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