‘AITA for saying ‘too bad’ when some family members didn’t like the food at our reunion?’

In planning a family reunion to celebrate their parents’ 45th anniversary, one individual and their brother took charge of organizing the event, including the food preparations. With a passion for cooking, they offered to handle a significant portion of the menu and sent out invitations seven months in advance, explicitly asking guests to notify them of any food allergies. A follow-up email a month before the event reiterated this request.

Despite thorough communication, on the day of the reunion, two cousins approached the organizers expressing disappointment over the lack of vegetarian and vegan options available. While there were vegetarian-friendly dishes such as macaroni cheese, grilled veggie skewers, and veggie burgers, these cousins felt the offerings were insufficient compared to the meat and dairy-laden options present.

In response to their complaints, the organizer admitted they were unaware of their dietary preferences but defended themselves, suggesting the cousins should have spoken up earlier or brought their own dishes. This blunt response sparked further dissatisfaction among the vegetarian guests, leading to visible discomfort and complaints throughout the afternoon.

After the event, an aunt privately criticized the organizer, suggesting they had not adequately accommodated all guests and had been inconsiderate to those with dietary restrictions. Reflecting on the situation, the organizer and their brother questioned if they should have done more to cater specifically to the vegetarian and vegan attendees, acknowledging their oversight despite the initial allergy inquiries.

Ultimately, while the organizer’s initial efforts to inquire about food allergies were proactive, their response to the cousins’ concerns came across as dismissive and unsympathetic, potentially impacting the enjoyment of those guests. This situation has left them contemplating whether they could have better balanced their menu to ensure all attendees felt included and catered to during the celebration.

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