“AITA for socially denying a woman a seat next to me on the bus?”

In this scenario, the protagonist, let’s call them Alex, finds themselves on a sparsely populated bus after a long shift at work. With plenty of empty seats available, Alex places their bag on the seat next to them. When a woman boards the bus and gestures for Alex to move their bag so she can sit, Alex complies but expresses frustration with a sigh and eye roll.

The woman interprets Alex’s reaction as rude and comments on their lack of manners. This exchange leaves Alex feeling bothered, prompting them to move to another seat to avoid further conflict.

From an outside perspective, it seems Alex’s actions may have lacked consideration for the woman’s comfort, despite the availability of other seats on the bus. While it’s understandable that Alex may have wanted their own space after a long day, their response to the woman’s request could have been more polite.

However, the woman’s decision to confront Alex and make a comment about their manners may have escalated the situation unnecessarily. It’s possible that both parties could have handled the interaction with more understanding and respect for each other’s boundaries.

Ultimately, while Alex’s initial reaction may have been a bit dismissive, the woman’s response also contributed to the tension on the bus. In the future, Alex could consider being more mindful of others’ needs while still asserting their own space and boundaries in a respectful manner.

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