AITA for telling my fiancé to ‘get over herself’?

In this situation, tensions have escalated between a man, his pregnant fiancée, and their beloved Corgi. The man, who has had the dog for two years and considers it his sidekick, enjoys lively morning interactions with the pet despite his fiancée’s discomfort. She is pregnant and experiencing severe migraines, exacerbated by the noise and commotion caused by both the dog and her fiancé.

The fiancée has expressed her need for quiet mornings to alleviate her symptoms, but the man, who admits to being loud due to his ADHD, finds it challenging to consistently accommodate her requests. He attempts to modify his behavior temporarily but admits to reverting when the issue is out of sight. This pattern frustrates his fiancée, who feels increasingly isolated and irritated by what she perceives as deliberate disregard for her needs.

Tensions reached a breaking point one morning when the fiancée, seeking peace and quiet, left the bedroom early only to be disrupted by the man and the dog’s enthusiastic greeting. Feeling ignored and frustrated, she confronted him, demanding space and peace. In response, the man told her to “get over herself,” asserting his right to maintain his usual routine and dynamic with his dog.

The fiancée stormed out, deeply hurt by his dismissive reaction. She refused to engage further, leaving the man to reflect on the fallout of their argument. He now faces the aftermath of his comments, contemplating the impact on their relationship and how to reconcile their differing needs and expectations during this challenging time.

Overall, the incident highlights a clash of needs and communication breakdown exacerbated by the man’s reluctance or inability to consistently modify his behavior, leaving both parties feeling hurt and misunderstood.

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