“AITA for telling my husband’s cousin she shouldn’t have thrown a gender reveal party?”

In this situation, the protagonist, a 29-year-old pregnant woman, found herself in a conflict with her husband’s cousin, Lena (pseudonym), who was also pregnant. Lena expressed her disappointment at her gender reveal party upon discovering she was having a boy, despite previously expressing a strong desire for a girl. This disappointment led to tension and withdrawal from discussing her pregnancy further. When Lena questioned the protagonist about the gender of her own baby, stating she wouldn’t attend the protagonist’s baby shower if it was a girl, the protagonist stood her ground in maintaining the surprise until birth. However, tensions escalated when the protagonist expressed her frustration, telling Lena that if having a boy was that terrible, she shouldn’t have thrown a gender reveal party in the first place.

Following this confrontation, Lena was furious and accused the protagonist of kicking her out of the baby shower, leading to division among family members. Some sympathized with Lena’s disappointment and criticized the protagonist for being insensitive to Lena’s pain, while others, including the protagonist’s husband and brother-in-law, supported her stance. Despite acknowledging that her reaction might have been influenced by frustration and exhaustion, the protagonist questions whether she was in the wrong for dismissing Lena’s feelings.

From an outsider’s perspective, both parties have valid emotions and concerns. Lena’s disappointment is understandable, as she had hoped for a specific gender and felt let down by the outcome. However, the protagonist’s frustration with Lena’s behavior, particularly her attempt to dictate the protagonist’s decisions regarding her own pregnancy, is also understandable. While the protagonist’s response may have been blunt, it reflects the strain of the situation. Ultimately, it appears that miscommunication and differing perspectives have fueled the conflict, rather than malicious intent on either side.

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