‘AITA for watching a certain TV show with our daughter?’

In this scenario, a 24-year-old mother, referred to as OP, faces a dilemma over her choice of children’s programming for her daughter, Sam. OP, who grew up Catholic but has since left the church, decided to introduce her daughter to shows like Veggie Tales, known for their moral lessons and religious themes. Her husband, Rick, also a former Catholic with stronger anti-church sentiments than OP, was upset upon discovering Veggie Tales playing in their home.

Rick accused OP of secretly trying to indoctrinate Sam into Catholicism by exposing her to Veggie Tales, despite their agreement not to raise Sam in any religious tradition. OP defended her choice, highlighting the show’s positive moral messages and her own nostalgia for the program from her childhood. The argument escalated, with Rick leaving the house after calling OP names.

From an outsider’s perspective, OP doesn’t appear to be the asshole (AITA). She made a decision to change the children’s programming to something more tolerable for herself while still providing wholesome content for Sam. Her intention wasn’t to reintroduce religious teachings covertly but rather to find a show that aligns with her values and isn’t as grating as other children’s programs. While Rick’s reaction is understandable given his sensitivity to religious themes, his accusation seems disproportionate to OP’s actions.

In conclusion, OP’s choice of Veggie Tales for Sam doesn’t seem to be morally wrong or manipulative, given her reasons and the context provided. However, the couple may benefit from discussing their differing perspectives on religion and parenting in a more constructive manner to avoid future misunderstandings and conflicts.

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