Bride Made Rude Comments About Her Lifestyle And Weight, So She Declined Her Cousin’s Wedding Invitation

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It’s been well-established (on Reddit and in real life) that weddings tend to make people a little crazy.

It’s the money and the pressure and I don’t know, maybe a little entitlement, too, but way too many people end up losing friends over their “special day.”

OP is close to her cousin but his fiance has been nothing but mean.

I (28F) was invited to my cousin’s wedding. It’s pretty a big deal in my family because Jake(28M) is the first in my family to get married. However I rejected the invite because his fiancé doesn’t like me.

When we first met she kinda just glared at me. At first I thought it was just because she might be awkward meeting new people or it’s cause Amy(F30) is from aboard. But I think she just genuinely doesn’t like me.

She always has made under minded comments about me. Whether it was about me being a single mom, dropping college and going back or even just what I eat, she makes these weird comments that I just brush off.

Some examples of this during this past week:

at a family party I was talking about my son having a parent event for his soccer club. I said I was a bit nervous participating and Amy told me well it’s your fault the dad isn’t in the picture to do so.

I gain a lot of weight recently (30lbs) and Amy said I shouldn’t be ordering anything but soups and salads for the good of myself while at a resturant

She even snubbed OP as far as a bridesmaid request.

Early this week Jake and Amy came over to invite my family and I to the wedding. After they left my sister tells me that she was asked to be a bridesmaid by Amy. I didn’t think anything of it and said congrats.

But when my sister asked me if I was one, I said no. She look surprised.

Apparently, Amy and Jake had all their siblings and cousins to be bridesmaids and groomsmen. I didn’t know, and I was honestly a little sad but I just said it’s whatever’s.

My sister was mad on my behalf and went to complain to my parents and aunts.

Long story short, this has started a fight between Jake and Amy vs my family. Jake’s mom was really angry that I wasn’t part of the bridal party.

But Jake and Amy don’t want to me to be a bridesmaid cause I’m not a traditional woman.

When OP declined their wedding invitation, she went kind of mental.

I thought it was getting too much so I just decided that I shouldn’t go. Am I sad? Yea, I’ll feel left out but it’s not my wedding and I don’t wanna fight with Jake or Amy about it.

My family doesn’t want to go anymore but I said I’ll be fine they can go enjoy the wedding.

Amy did reach out to me yesterday about it. She just said “Sorry I didn’t pick you as a bridesmaid because you don’t match my image I want a traditional wedding and you aren’t that” Then going on to how I would make the wedding pictures uneven.

I just responded “I’m not going anymore. I don’t need your reasonings on whatever you think.” I thought this would make Amy happy but she wasn’t.

She angry texted in all caps “F— YOU. I don’t even know why I consider inviting you. You should be regretting not coming.”

She just wanted to keep the peace, but should she have gone about it a different way?

Im not sure how to feel. But I’m not alone I was thinking of just going to the beach with my son that day just so I can distract myself. But my whole family all told me I should go to the wedding.

I don’t really feel welcome and Jake hasn’t told me anything But AITA for letting this argument with the bride affect my present at her wedding?

Reddit will let her know!

The top comment says she hopes OP will talk to her cousin.

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This person says there’s no reason to protect the bride.

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They’re definitely wondering where the groom stands on all of this.

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This commenter reminds OP you can’t change the way people feel.

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Either way, OP is better off without that kind of person in her life.

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I feel so sorry for OP, who sounds like a sweet person.

Sometimes life just throws major jerks your way, I suppose.

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