Chrissy Teigen, Mom of 4, Shares Bikini Photos Without Filters, Sparks Debate

At the age of 38, Chrissy Teigen made a bold move by sharing candid snapshots from her family vacation, opting for a natural look. Clad in a black, strapless bathing suit, she garnered praise from mothers everywhere for bravely showcasing the reality of a “mom body.”

Chrissy shared honest photos without edits.

© chrissyteigen / Instagram

Chrissy and John have been documenting their Thailand getaway with their four kids through a series of snapshots. Among them, Chrissy shared a striking image holding baby Wren, dressed in a black swimsuit adorned with fringe details. Embracing a makeup-free look, she exudes joy and proudly showcases her “mom bod.”

© chrissyteigen / Instagram

Women around the world showed support.

© chrissyteigen / Instagram

The response to Chrissy’s photo was overwhelmingly positive. One admirer commented, “I feel like this picture is unedited (you look beautiful), but also…thank you!” Chrissy responded warmly with a “Thank you”. Many echoed this sentiment, expressing gratitude to Chrissy for keeping it real.

However, not everyone agreed with the compliments. One person pointed out, “Imagine posting your vacation photos thinking nothing of it, and then all these people start commenting on your body ‘Thank you for showing a NORMAL body!’…I would be like…what a backhanded compliment. Why do you need to comment on her body at all? Just let her live?”

Preview photo credit chrissyteigen / Instagramchrissyteigen / Instagram