Etsy Seller Almost Got Shut Down Because The Smiley Company Claimed Her Products Violated Their Copyright

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

A lot of us got side hustles online but what IF your hustle is your full-time job and you just lost it!

Now, the very thought would send shivers down your spine but that’s exactly what happened to @imchloecam.

She was a full-time devoted Etsy shop owner but claims she almost got sued by the smiley company for using the word smiley in a tag and Etsy listing.

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

Oh no. This is a lesson but a tough, tough one for online sellers to be really careful not to get in legal hot water!

She said: “I (almost) got sued by the smiley company this summer… because I used the word smiley in a tag and an Etsy listing for a capybara pin.”

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

The capybara is a huge rodent from South America. It’s very cute but this incorrect association with a brand, led to legal action and this young woman’s shop closing down.

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

She said: “I engaged back and forth with the attorneys from America… I taught myself law in a week. And within 17 minutes of me sending my response, they dismissed me from the case. No charge.”

Let’s hope Chloe has a bright and legal free future, unless she studies law, that is!

Watch the full clip here:


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Legally Blonde, yeow!

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

Rebels, every last one.

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

And the award for wittiest comment…

Source: TikTok/@imchloecam

I can’t believe somebody can copyright the SMILEY FACE!


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