His In-Laws Never Bothered To Include Him, So He Sent His Twin Brother Instead To See If They Would Notice

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Sometime it seems like a good half of posts on Reddit are about trouble with one’s in-laws or something along those lines.

Which, I get it. Ending up with amazing in-laws can seem more rare than hitting the lottery.

This guy says that while his in-laws aren’t terrible, they have never been that nice or made him feel included.

I am 31, and have an identical twin brother. For a while I’ve told my wife that none of her family members notice me or care about anything I do on Christmas Eve but they insist on me attending.

She told me that’s not true, they genuinely like me and enjoy talking to me. But I know that the only times they’ve included me I had to basically insert myself into conversations and it feels awkward and unnatural.

So much so that he bet his wife that if he sent his twin brother instead, no one would notice.

So I had a wager with my wife. Bring my twin brother Steve instead of me, and see if anyone notices.

I purposefully did not prep Steve on anything, he went in completely clueless (he knew why we were doing it and was game. I gave him $20.)

No one did.

As I suspected, Steve confirmed that he wasn’t approached all night, nobody could tell he wasn’t me, and he admitted he even felt excluded and he could only imagine how I felt.

So this morning on Christmas I invited Steve to join (normally he’s with my mom and dad every year as he’s not married or in a relationship.) they know about him obviously but didn’t know about the switcheroo.

That was when I revealed that last night “I” was Steve and expressed disappointment that nobody noticed and said this is why I stopped trying, nobody talks to me.

Now, he’s told his in-laws about the little trick and the wife says it was supposed to just be between them.

My wife drew the line here, she was hoping we would keep this between the two of us as a funny prank.

But how can I expect her family to see what jerks they’ve been if I don’t expose it? FWIW Steve was fine.

Does Reddit think his wife has a point? Let’s find out!

The top comment says they think he’s made a bad situation worse.

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He at least should have given her a head’s up.

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In fact, some people think OP crossed over into the AH category.

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More than a few people held this opinion, actually.

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Pretty much everyone feels sorry for the wife.

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This is kind of a sad situation all the way around, honestly.

I feel badly for everyone involved, including the twin brother.