He’s Going To College So His Family Insists He Give Them His Car. He Refuses And Tells Them To Stop Spending Money On Alcohol.

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It takes a lot of nerve to demand something from any person, even if you happen to be related to them.

So is the teenager who wrote this story a jerk for standing up for himself and not backing down to his family?

Check out what he had to say and see what you think.

“Me (17m) am leaving for college in the summertime, I got into a huge private university in a big city due to scholarships for academics and tennis.

This kid is ambitious.

Anyways my family doesn’t have much money my dad passed and my mom is single providing for me(kinda) and 14f sister.

When I was 15 I got a high paying job and saved my money, which I used to buy myself everything I ever wanted.

This included a gym membership, a 20k car I bought and is in MY NAME, a 2k dollar gaming computer, PS5, and some other things.

Recently talks in my family arose about how nice life will be for my Mom 39f and sister when I leave for college since they will get a new car(my car) and the gaming devices my sister wants.

I informed them that I will be taking all those things with me to college and they are not theirs to divide amongst themselves.

He laid down the law.

My mom was furious because she was expecting a new car, for reference she drives a 2008 focus with 250k miles on it and I bought a 2019 jeep that has 45k miles on it.

I informed my mom that if she stopped spending so much money on alcohol which she claims she needs from work stress and spoiling my sister with materialistic expensive ****, she could buy a new one and that it wasn’t my job to provide her with over 30k worth of things I bought.

She responds if we are playing that game you need to give me back all the things I bought you, because besides basic necessities like housing, clothes, and food, she owes me nothing.

His family isn’t having it.

I told her sure and gave her back my iPhone, then drove to Verizon and purchased a brand new one.

When I came home with it she called me “unbearable” I told me once I leave for college, I’m not welcome back, to which my sister agreed.


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Yeah… that mom needs to stop buying booze.

Sounds like it could be a much bigger problem.

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