“I was left at a pool after dental surgery by my SIL, her marriage imploded as a result. AITA?”

In this situation, it’s crucial to understand the perspectives and actions of each individual involved. Firstly, a young woman (19F) undergoes surgery to remove her wisdom teeth and, due to the effects of anesthesia, is in a disoriented and vulnerable state. She reaches out to her sister-in-law (Bri, 24) for assistance, as her mother is unavailable, and Bri agrees to accompany her to the appointment.

Following the procedure, still under the influence of medication and disoriented, the young woman is taken to a pool by Bri, without her consent or understanding. Feeling unwell and overwhelmed by the situation, she attempts to contact her brother for help. However, due to her condition, communication is difficult, leading to frustration and miscommunication between the parties involved.

Ultimately, the brother becomes aware of the distressing situation and intervenes, expressing his anger towards Bri and removing the young woman from the pool environment. He subsequently reveals his intention to divorce Bri, citing her actions and other undisclosed issues as reasons for his decision.

In the aftermath, Bri directs blame and anger towards the young woman, accusing her of causing the breakdown of her marriage. However, it’s essential to recognize that the young woman was in a vulnerable state post-surgery and was placed in an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation without her consent or understanding.

While feelings of guilt may arise, particularly concerning the impact on the young woman’s niece, it’s important to acknowledge that her actions were driven by a need for assistance and safety in a moment of vulnerability. Therefore, the young woman cannot be solely responsible for the consequences of Bri’s actions and the subsequent breakdown of her marriage.

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