11 Insider Modeling Secrets Exposing the Reality Behind Striking Fashion Photography

Many assume that modeling merely entails maintaining physical fitness through diet and exercise, with the main tasks being walking the runway, garnering attention, and posing for cameras. However, delving deeper into the industry reveals a more complex reality. We’ve explored the behind-the-scenes demands of the modeling profession to uncover what it truly takes to achieve success.

They can’t use the bathroom during castings.

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Victoria Cain, a model known for her involvement in various advertising campaigns for renowned beauty brands, sheds light on the challenges models face during castings. She reveals that girls are often unable to use the restroom, even when dealing with their menstrual cycle.

Victoria shares her own experience of managing her period during castings by opting for black clothing to mask potential leaks. The stringent rules at castings dictate that leaving the line to use the restroom could result in losing one’s place, a risk models are unwilling to take due to fierce competition and the possibility of being sent to the back of the line again.

They walk the runway without wearing underwear.

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When models don tight dresses or trousers, they frequently opt to forego underwear and bras to avoid visible panty lines, which could detract from the overall aesthetic. In certain instances, wearing G-strings is deemed acceptable.

Additionally, going commando on the runway serves a practical purpose by saving time. With models often required to swiftly change between various outfits during a fashion show, hunting for matching underwear for each ensemble can consume valuable time better spent on seamless transitions.

They have to remove the string from the tampon they use.

During their menstrual cycle, models are often restricted to wearing thongs and exclusively using tampons. Sanitary pads are deemed impractical as they are too bulky for such underwear and risk being visible through clothing. However, tampons present their own challenges. For instance, when walking in a short skirt, the tampon string may accidentally become visible.

To address this issue, models typically either tuck the string away or opt to remove it altogether.

They use double-sided fashion tape.

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Models presenting lingerie on the runway must ensure that their bras remain securely in place, often relying on double-sided fashion tape to prevent any sliding. Additionally, they may utilize special inserts designed to enhance their cleavage and provide a bit of extra volume.

They stop drinking liquids 12 hours before the show.

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Adriana Lima shared her preparation routine for lingerie shows, revealing that nine days prior, she would cease consuming solid foods and rely solely on protein shakes. Additionally, she would abstain from all liquids 12 hours before the show.

Commenting on Adriana’s diet, a nutritionist stated, “I wouldn’t advise this diet to anyone. There are more effective and sustainable methods to achieve similar results. However, for the duration she practiced it to achieve her desired look, it’s not likely to have long-term health consequences.”

They feast after shows.

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After days of rigorous dieting and dedicating their energy to a show, models finally allow themselves to relax. Following the conclusion of Victoria’s Secret shows, the girls celebrate by indulging in pizza. One can easily imagine the deliciousness of this pizza after weeks or even months of dietary restrictions.

They use eye drops.

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A model’s daily agenda can be incredibly hectic, particularly during events like fashion week. They rise early and retire late at night, yet their eyes maintain a bright, expressive appearance.

Each beauty has her own strategies to enhance the expressiveness of her eyes. For instance, Duckie Thot relies on eye drops and consumes an entire bottle of water immediately upon waking up.

Tattoos are not welcome but not entirely forbidden.

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Tattoos are generally discouraged in the modeling industry, although some brands do prefer inked models. However, having numerous tattoos can potentially limit one’s audience.

This is why many models opt to get inked in discreet locations. For instance, Kaia Gerber, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Chanel Iman all have tattoos, yet they are often subtle and easily overlooked. Following their lead, Kendall Jenner recently revealed a small tattoo on her foot.

They suffer from dandruff more often than ordinary women.

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A significant portion of models acknowledge grappling with dandruff, often stemming from frequent hairstyling routines. Their hair undergoes rigorous manipulation, including being pulled back, drenched in gel, sprayed with hairspray, and subjected to heated tools, resulting in split ends and dandruff.

Consequently, some models opt to forgo even washing their hair when given the chance. Notable figures like Kylie Jenner, Nicola Peltz, and Gigi Hadid prefer to abstain from washing for a few days to allow their scalp and hair to rejuvenate.

They add curves to their body with the help of padding.

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When observing curvy models, there’s often curiosity about how they maintain such slender waists in comparison to their hips. The truth is straightforward: these women are generally slimmer than commonly perceived.

To achieve their proportions, they utilize specialized padding to enhance the volume of their buttocks, hips, and breasts. This practice is common among both curvy and plus-size models.

Plus-size models can’t eat whatever they want.

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