“AITA for telling my brother not to blame our family or his wife’s family for their regret?”

In this scenario, a Reddit user recounts a situation involving their brother and his wife’s unconventional approach to marriage and family. The couple, both single parents, decided to maintain separate family units despite being married. Each parent solely parented their respective biological children, and interaction between the children of each spouse was limited. The Reddit user anticipated potential regrets resulting from this arrangement but refrained from interfering.

Recently, the brother’s oldest child graduated high school, prompting the parents to disclose a college fund set aside for each biological grandchild. However, the fund excludes the wife’s children, leading to discontent from the brother and his wife. They expressed frustration to their respective families, feeling unsupported and accusing them of contributing to the familial divide.

When the Reddit user advised their brother against blaming the families for their regret, asserting that the outcome was foreseeable based on their choices, tensions escalated. The user suggested that since the children appeared content, the couple should accept the consequences of their decisions. This advice angered the brother, prompting the user to question if they were in the wrong.

In summary, the Reddit user finds themselves caught in a family dispute sparked by their brother and his wife’s unconventional family structure and subsequent regrets. Despite attempts to offer perspective, tensions remain high, leaving the user to question their role in the situation.

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