‘AITA for not going to my sister’s ‘child-free’ wedding?’

Based on the situation presented, the OP (Original Poster) is not the asshole (NTA) for deciding not to attend his sister’s wedding under the current circumstances. The conflict arises because his sister and best friend (the groom) have planned a child-free wedding but still expect the OP’s children to participate as the ring bearer and flower girl, only to be excluded from the reception. This arrangement leaves the OP’s wife solely responsible for the children in a potentially unsafe and unfamiliar setting during the wedding festivities.

Despite attempting to negotiate compromises such as allowing the children to attend part of the reception or going completely child-free and leaving the kids behind, both suggestions were rejected by the sister and groom. This refusal disregards the practical challenges and safety concerns raised by the OP, especially considering the remote location of the wedding venue and its lack of childproof amenities.

The OP’s decision not to attend is driven by concerns for his family’s well-being and a belief that they are not being treated as valued guests but rather as an inconvenience. His wife’s willingness to try and manage the situation does not alleviate the logistical and safety issues involved.

The OP’s frustration with the lack of compromise and consideration from his sister and best friend is understandable given the circumstances, and his refusal to attend is a reflection of his responsibility towards his wife and children. Therefore, based on the details provided, the OP is justified in his decision and is not the asshole in this situation.

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